Dresden Philharmonic Children’s Choir

The children’s choir owes its establishment in 1967 to an initiative of the Dresden Philharmonic’s Principal Conductor of the time, Kurt Masur. This means that the choir has been in existence for 50 years, and if you cross out the zero you’ll arrive at the possible age of entry: Children can join it from the age of five and then learn how to work with their voice, with rhythms and notes. The first two years start off in a playful manner, after which the learning outcomes are incrementally enhanced until the child can sing along in the large children’s choir at the approximate age of ten, take part in concert tours and master the entire range of the children’s choir’s repertoire. At this moment in time, around 140 children are singing in the various formations of the choir.

The careful training fosters every child, and challenges them to demonstrate their skills. This has made the Dresden Philharmonic Children’s Choir one of Germany’s best known and most successful children’s choirs today. The continuous professional work with the children is supported by a close cooperation with the Dresden Philharmonic, along with the Children’s Choir’s Association of Friends’ dedication to the ensemble. The multi-faceted musical spectrum extends from the Renaissance to 21st century works and is also presented in joint concerts time and again.

The choir’s a capella repertoire can be experienced across Germany and internationally, with China being toured for the second time already in 2017. Amongst other places, the choir can look back on concerts and workshops in Australia, Africa, the USA, United Arab Emirates and Japan. Radio, film and television productions round off the choir’s varied activities.

The Philharmonic Children’s Choir has garnered first prizes in many national and international competitions. In its home town of Dresden, it also hosts the “International Children’s Choir Festival”, which takes place every two years.

The choir has been under the leadership of Choir Director Gunter Berger since 2012.

Audio Samples

»Pueri hebraeorum« from the CD: Porträt

»Molihua« from the CD: Sing, o Nachtigall

»Königskinder« von der CD: Begegnung