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Charlie Chaplin

Film and music

Charles Chaplin was one of the few directors who were able to compose the film score for their own cinematic works. And that even though he could not read notes and was dependant on external help to write down his ideas. When Chaplin was directing his film "City Lights" the silent film was already regressing. The fact that it still became one of chaplin*s most famous and praised works is mainly due to the creative manner in which he implements music and how he uses sound in his tragic comedy. Some parts even allow Chaplin to parody the "talkie" directly - but of course he could not stop the long-term victory of voiced films.

Duration: 87 minutes without break


Film mit Genehmigung der Roy Export Company S.A.S.,
Musik mit Genehmigung von Bourne Co. Music Publishers.

Charles Chaplin (1889-1977)
„City Lights“ USA, 1931
edited by Timothy Brock (2004)

Helmut Imig | Conductor
Dresdner Philharmonie