• Philharmonischer Chor © Nikolaj Lund Philharmonischer Chor © Nikolaj Lund
  • Wolfgang Hentrich © Marco Borggreve Wolfgang Hentrich © Marco Borggreve

Philharmonie im Kulturpalast

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Gloria! England and more

Duration: 1h45min

Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
Canzon for two choirs
Motet "Cantate Domino" for three choirs
Motete in an arrangement for wind instruments
Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
Serenade for Strings in E minor Op. 20 (1892)
"Angel's Farewell" from "Dream of Gerontius" Op. 38
Transcription for Organ by A. Herbert Brewer
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
"Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" for Strings (1910)
Thomas Tallis
"If ye love me" for chorus and a cappella
"Why fum'th in fight" for choir and a cappella
Richard Bartmuss (1859–1910)
Praeludium. Allegro con brio op. 36, 1 for organ
Jean Louis Nicodé (1853-1919)
"The new Morning" Finale with the Final Choir from "Gloria! A Song of Stom and Sun"
Symphony in one Set for the large Orchestra, Organ and Choir Op. 34 (1903)

Prof. Wolfgang Hentrich | Conduction
Philharmonischer Chor Dresden
Fördervereinsorchester der Dresdner Philharmonie
gemeinsam mit Mitgliedern und ehemaligen Mitgliedern der Dresdner Philharmonie
Holger Gehring | Organ
Isabel Kern | English horn solo