• Raschèr Saxophone Quartet ©Felix Broede Raschèr Saxophone Quartet ©Felix Broede
  • Philharmonischer Kinderchor © Nikolaj Lund Philharmonischer Kinderchor © Nikolaj Lund
  • Gunter Berger ©Nikolaj Lund Gunter Berger ©Nikolaj Lund

Philharmonic at the Museum
Hygiene-Museum - Grand hall
30 | 23 €

Children's Choir and Saxophone Quartette

Indtroduction a capella, Madrigale from the 16th Century
Philip Glass (*1937)
Two Sets from the Concerto for Saxophone Quartette (1995)
For the Raschèr Saxophone Quartette
Rainer Lischka (*1942)
"Glaubenswege" for the four-part Children's Choir ans Saxophone Quartette (2016)
with Texts from Franz of Assisi, Jacob Böhme and Psamls
Lera Auerbach (*1973)
"Galgenlieder" for Saxophone Quartette and Children's Choir (2013) after Poems from Christian Morgenstern

Prof. Gunter Berger | Conductor
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
Philharmonischer Kinderchor Dresden
Chor des Bischöflichen Gymnasiums Graz
Valentin Zwitter | Production