• Malte Arkona © Chris Noltekuhlmann Malte Arkona © Chris Noltekuhlmann
  • Anoushka Shankar © Laura Lewis Anoushka Shankar © Laura Lewis
  • Karl-Heinz Steffens © Stefan Wildhirt Karl-Heinz Steffens © Stefan Wildhirt

Philharmonie im Kulturpalast

10 €
Children 5 €

phil zu entdecken with Malte Arkona

… sounds from India

Sometimes you curiously look into your neighbours garden - not to compare but rather to find new ideas and inspiration. It often works the same way in music: the unknown exites with sounds you have never heard before. And if they even come from far away lands it can get really exotic sometimes, like with the indian sitar. But how does that sound? That and much more we wish to know from Anoushka Shankar who knows her intrument like noone else. That, she learned from her father the componis of this concert!

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Length: around 60 minutes

Ravi Shankar (1920-2012)
Concert for Sitar and Orchestra Nr. 2 "Raga-Mala" (1982)

Karl-Heinz Steffens | Conductor
Anoushka Shankar | Sitar
Malte Arkona | Moderation
Dr. Michael Kube | Concept
Dresdner Philharmonie