• Malte Arkona © Chris Noltekuhlmann Malte Arkona © Chris Noltekuhlmann
  • Juanjo Mena © Michal Novak Juanjo Mena © Michal Novak

Philharmonie im Kulturpalast

10 €
Children 5 €

phil zu entdecken with Malte Arkona

… in Schuberts world of music

A symphony is usually a really long piece. But what if it is even named "Big Symphony"? How does that start? Does it even stop? Don't be afraid and especially not of such heavenly length! There is so much to discouver here that the time flies. How Schubert managed that and why horns, trumpets and trombones take the central role this time Malte will reveal soon enough this morning.

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Length: around 60 minutes

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Sinfonie Nr. 8 C-Dur D 944 „Große C-Dur-Sinfonie“ (1825)

Juanjo Mena | Conductor
Malte Arkona | Moderation
Dr. Michael Kube | Concept
Dresdner Philharmonie