The Kurt Masur Academy - Orchestra Academy of the Dresden Philharmonic

We are very honored and pleased that we were able to win our honorary and former chief conductor Kurt Masur to revive the orchestra academy of the Dresden Philharmonic under his name. Until his death, Kurt Masur and the Dresden Philharmonic affiliated a long-standing friendship and musical collaboration. As an assistant to Heinz Bongartz he started an intensive exchange with the orchestra. From 1967-1972 he decisively characterized the orchestra as its principal conductor.


With the Kurt Masur Academy, the Dresden Philharmonic promotes top international young talent. In the future, it will be precisely these musicians who will give the Dresden Philharmonic and other orchestras new impetus.


With the Kurt Masur Academy, the Dresden Philharmonic is opening up more than ever to the challenge of carrying its sound ideal and its playing culture into the future and giving young musicians the opportunity to develop themselves further.


With its experience, musical excellence and deep roots in Dresden's musical tradition, the Dresden Philharmonic accompanies the academics on their way. Shaping the future by virtue of one's own rich tradition and at the same time opening up to new ideas - this is essential for the success of the Dresden Philharmonic.


Membership of the Academy will be granted for a period of 4 semesters / two years and is integrated into a master’s program at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden. The collaboration between these two flagship musical institutions is to provide the most talented young musicians with the opportunities necessary to enable them to reach the standards expected by the most elite orchestras. Prime focus is of course the propagation of musical ideas, the particular playing style and the conservation and maintenance of the Dresden sound ideals within young musicians.

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Selected through auditions the fellows will receive monthly scholarships for two years. They intensify their training and are taught by teaching orchestra members at the University of Music. Participating in rehearsals and concerts of the Dresden Philharmonic under the direction of renowned conductors gives the young musicians valuable practical experience. Along with regular opportunity to perform in chamber concerts and taking part in education programs of the orchestra, the academy affords players a broadly faceted education encompassing all aspects of life as a performing musician.

Two-year-program includes:

  • Participation in rehearsals and concerts, CD-productions and tours of the Dresden Philharmonic
  • Participation in the two year Master's Program/Master of Music (Continuing Education) at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden
  • Instruction and concert performances of chamber music; Courses for audition preparation
  • A monthly compensation of € 850, - (gross-salary)


Graduate diploma from an institute of music, conservatory or equivalent (bachelor).

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The non-profit association "Kurt Masur Akademie - Orchesterakademie der Dresdner Philharmonie e.V." was founded to promote top young musicians in the Orchestra Academy. The association is generously supported by the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung together with the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden during a three-year initial phase.
A circle of further committed supporters is happy to open up to new members.

As a sponsor...

... you create with us a platform of understanding and exchange between culture and economy. You contribute to personnel and material costs as well as to the promotion of outstanding musical and artistic projects. Your financial contribution:

from 10. 000,00 Euro per calendar year.

As a mentor...

... you financially support an academician and accompany her/him as a mentor during the entire course of study. Your financial contribution:

from 1.000,00 Euro per calendar year.

As a patron...

... you would like to support the Kurt Masur Academy financially according to your own possibilities. The Kurt Masur Academy sees its cooperation with you above all as a platform for understanding and exchange between culture and society in the broadest sense.

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You can find all information in our Kurt Masur Academy brochure.