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André Hardt

André Hardt

André Hardt was born in 1967 in Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt). After he studied Literature in Leipzig, he tried several professions: he sold books, worked at the theatre and as an entrepreneur, wrote for advertisements – until he discovered his passion for the radio during the nineties.

During the first two years, he toured all across the country and presented events for the Saxon radio station Radio PSR. There is no Saxon city where he has not been on stage. What followed was the daily morning and afternoon program, and in 1999, the early morning show for the MDR until he switched to local Saxon radio stations. Since 2002, he hosts the early morning show “André und die Morgenmädels”, which has become one of the most successful radio shows in Central Germany and has won several awards.

André Hardt is very versatile when it comes to being on stage. He presents events of numerous companies (Porsche, Postbank, DHL, BMW, EnviaM), the dance of the local university, the sports gala in Dresden, as well as product and company presentations at exhibitions and conferences.

He enjoys running marathon and has a high sea boating certificate.