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Moritz Eggert

Moritz Eggert

Growing up in Frankfurt am Main he first started out as a keyboarder in various rock and jazz formations while still at school, then moving on to academic studies as a pianist and then composer, which took him later to London and Munich, where he resides today with his wife, the author Andrea Heuser, and his 2 children.

From the beginning he has covered all genres in his work – his oeuvre of currently more than 220 works includes not only 11 full-scale operas but also several ballets and works for dance and music theatre, orchestral music, concertos, chamber and ensemble music, vocal and choir music (with a strong focus on Lied), sacred music, experimental and electronic music, oratorios, music for children, music for film, radio plays and large-scale open air performances. He is an experienced pianist of international fame with a wide-ranging repertoire of both classical and contemporary music and has performed countless premieres of his own and other composers’ music. In recent years he has also increasingly worked as a conductor, actor and singer, appearing in operas and theatre plays.

Together with Sandeep Bhagwati he founded the “ADevantgarde-Festival” for young composers in Munich while still a student (still going on today) and has curated several concert series. He has also always been active in cultural politics – as a once board member of the German Composers association and an outspoken opponent of the downsizing of contemporary and classical music in Germany. Next to his many articles for various print publications he also writes for his “Bad Blog of Musick”, which is the most read contemporary music blog in Germany, with challenging, satirical and provocative articles that tackle a wide range of issues of contemporary culture and politics. He is considered a spokesman of change in New Music and has often criticized its ivory tower attitude and lack of ability to communicate relevant themes of today. This makes him a fervent supporter of the younger generation of composers and has also resulted in him taking on a professorship for composition at the University of Music in Munich (since 2010).

Moritz Eggert music is performed around the world, most notably his piano solo cycle “Haemmerklavier” which belongs to the most well-known works for piano of our time.
His music has often been at the center of media attention. He wrote a “soccer oratorio” and the music for the opening ceremony for the FIFA World Cup 2006, which was seen by most people on this planet. The German yellow press berated his opera “The Snail” as a “vile porn opera”. Another of his operas, “Freax” (libretto: Hannah Dübgen), created a scandal around its nearly cancelled premiere and the inclusion of handicapped performers. An eccentric and dense collage of all 22 Mozart operas for the Salzburger Festspiele was greeted with hateful reactions as well as the “Foot Ballet” for the Viennese Opera Ball (the first contemporary piece ever to be performed there). His work also continues to challenge the normal image of a “well-behaved classical composer”, with genre-crossing projects like with noted electronic Pop Duo “2raumwohnung” or with German comedian and talk-show host Harald Schmidt.

Current and recent projects are the music theatre “Tragedy Of a Friendship” with the Belgian “enfant terrible” Jan Fabre (Opera Antwerp/international tour), a 3-hour open air event for the opening of the Bavarian State Opera Festival together with Catalan artists group “Fura dels Baus” and 220 performers, and an orchestral ballet based on works by Edgar Allan Poe for the Theater Giessen.