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Suzhou Chinese Orchestra

Suzhou Chinese Orchestra

The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra was founded in 2017 with the support of the Suzhou City government and the Suzhou New District Hi-Tech Industrial Company, forming a top-class, non-profit orchestra to carry on the musical traditions of Southern China.

Today, the orchestra is composed of 90 musicians, experienced ones as well as the best graduates of ten Chinese conservatories. Its repertoire reaches from classics to adaptations of traditional pieces to new compositions commissioned by the orchestra.

The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra is dedicated to the diffusion of traditional Chinese music and wants to gain public attention though its excellent interpretations. Basing their work on the traditional music of Suzhou and Jiangnan, the musicians explore and re-invent the sound of their native region, actively contributing to cultural exchange by participating in national and international competitions and playing concerts all around the world.

In May 2018, it was the only orchestra playing traditional Chinese music that was invited to the Beijing Modern Music Festival. The performance was highly acclaimed by critics and audience alike, in China and abroad. The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra is going to continue to collaborate with the best musicians, conductors and composers worldwide in order to explore, present and preserve traditional Chinese music.

In 2019, the orchestra is going to inaugurate its own concert hall, the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra Music Hall, which is also going to have additional buildings with rehearsal and training facilities.