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Zhu Changyao

Zhu Changyao

Zhu Changyao is a legendary erhu player and one of China’s most outstanding musicians. He is a councillor at the Chinese Musician Association and member of the executive board of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, a composer and the Artistic Consultant of the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

He started playing the erhu at the age of seven, and, only five years later, was a soloist at the “Nanjing Little Red Flowers”, an ensemble for children. In 1973, he passed the Nanjing University of the Arts entrance examination with flying colours and went on to study under renowned erhu players such as An Hua, Gan Tao, Ma Yode and Chen Yaoxin. While still pursuing his studies, he was already invited for a concert performance that was broadcasted nationwide and during which he impressed the audience with  both, his outstanding technique and his aptitude in adaptation.

As a composer, Changyao was awarded a prize by the Chinese Ministry of Culture; as a musician, he won First Prize at the National Competition for traditional Chinese instruments in 1982, the Jiangsu Literary and Art Award in 1991 and, the same year, was awarded a government scholarship for life.

He is a guest lecturer at the Chinese Conservatory of Music, the Nanjing University Art Institute, the Southeast University and Nanjing Normal University, as well as director of the executive committee of the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group.

Zhu Changyao is a popular musician who has played critically acclaimed concerts in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Each time, his thrilling performances confirm his reputation as a “world class string virtuoso” and “musical treasure”. Each of his gestures expresses the vibe of an anima mundi.