The Dresden armoury built in the 16th century was remodeled in 1884 to fit the style of the renaissance. From then on it was named "Albertinum" in honor of king Albert of Saxony and is home to the collection of sculptures to this day. During the war the Albertinum did not get destroyed as much as other museums in Dresden, but the flood of 2002 left its mark on it. A multitude of German artists auctioned off their works in favour of the barely saved pieces of art from the Albertinum's basement. The resulting 3.4 million Euros were used for the complete restoration of the building. The Berlin architecture office Staab came up with the brilliant idea of building a steel bridge over the atrium. Now Dresden has a flood-proof depot and workshop in 17.4m height - and the Dresdner Philharmonie, with the now roofed yard, a concert location that became one of the main venue due to its acoustic requirements and arrangements. Now both arts go hand in hand inside the Albertinum: before a concert you can easily linger among the treasures of the National Art Collection Dresden before enjoying the serene sounds of the Dresdner Philharmonie.

Built: 1559-63 as Dresden armoury, remoddeling 1884-87, after flood rebuilt in 2006-10

Architect: Carl Adolf Canzler (in 1884), Staab architects (in 2006)

Atrium: 68m long, 24m broad, 17.4m high

Volume: 28000m3

Weight of bridge over the atrium (with depots and workshops): 2700t

Reverberation time: between 3 - 3.5sec (2.5sec with tetile sails on sides)

Seats: 1000

  • Details

    Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden • Tzschirnerplatz 2 • 01067 Dresden

    Georg-Treu-Platz (at ground level) and Brühlsche Terrasse

    Underground car park »An der Frauenkirche« • Car park »Schießgasse«

    Bus & Tram
    Stop Pirnaischer Platz: Tram 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12 | Bus 62, 75
    Stop Synagoge: Tram 3, 7

    Taxi stand
    Hasenberg, behind the synagogue
    The staff orders a taxi on forehand, if requested.

    Cloak room
    free, at both entrances

    Snacks and drinks


    Doors open
    45 min before the beginning of the concert

    Wheelchair users
    Entrance at ground level Georg-Treu-Platz, facilities for wheelchair users

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