Schloss Wackerbarth

Schloss Wackerbarth, Wine and sparkling wine manufacture

Right outside the gates of Dresden, within the vineyards of Radebeul lies Schloss Wackerbarth. Where counts and countesses used to dine and the court of August II the Strong was celebrating gushing festivals, visitors can witness a one-of-a-kind ensemble of baroque garden and architecture, historic vineyards as well as a modern wine manufacture. Built 1727 to 1730 built by Johann Christoph Knöffel in comission by August Christoph Count of Wackerbarth, the vineyard did not lose any of its baroque glory over the centuries and still holds mysteries for gourmets of wine, culinary art and excellent music alike.

The serenade concerts of the Dresdner Philharmonie take place in wine and sparkling wine manufacture of Europe's finest adventure vineyard. The slender building distances itself sufficiently from the historic site and opens its glass front west so that the old view experience stays intact. Usually a place of production, the space is equally ideal for concerts with smaller instrumentations. The hall offers room for as many as thirty musicians.

Schloss Wackerbarth
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    Sächsisches Staatsweingut GmbH
    Wackerbarthstraße 1
    01445 Radebeul

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