The Schlosskapelle in the Dresden Residenzschloss, comissioned by Elector Moritz, acts as the centre for clerical and cultural tradition in the electorate Saxony dureing the 16th and 17th century. Fitting its importance as main church of the lutheran Imperial Estates, it was beautifully decorated with painting, sculptures and an astonishing loop rip arch. The conversion of August II the Strong left the protestant church devoid of purpose. Thus, in 1737 the chapel was broken down and replaced by offices. During the reconstruction of the castle the room cubature had the chapel rebuilt and 2010-13 the complete restoration of the building followed.
The former domain of chapel master Heinrich Schütz has been used as a small concert hall since 2013. The Dresdner Philharmonie often enjoyed the location's possibilities when directing exiting musical experiments - during the clash of historic performance styles with breathtaking debut appearances.

Built: 1551-53/ reconstruction 2010-13

Architect: Melchior Trost

Interior size: 10.2m width, 21.8m length

Reverberation time: 0.96 sec (full)

Seats: 271

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    Taschenberg 2 • 01067 Dresden

    Eingang über Schlossstrasse

    Tiefgarage »An der Frauenkirche« • Tiefgarage »Altmarkt«

    Bus & Bahn
    Hst. Postplatz, Tram 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 12 | Bus 75, 94
    Hst. Theaterplatz Tram 4, 8, 9

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    in the basement


    Wheelchair users
    ground floor entrance in the yard

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